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By Wek Atak Kacjang

Students of the University of Juba are complaining of harassment and beating by the police forces.

This created fear and panic among the students, according to Johnson Tut Manyang, a student pursuing Diploma at the University. He said the reason is unknown by every students.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Saturday, Manyang said he was brutally harassed by the policemen behind the main library building within the university campus.

“I was passing near the library exit after going to deposit my school fees in the bank, on my way back they called me, when I came to listen to what they were calling me for, his boss ordered one of the police to beat me four to three strokes. After I was beaten then they mocked me jokingly and asked me to go while they throw some words on me in Arabic that “Ras Gewi Tomunde” meaning stubbornness”, Tut said.

Manyang urged the office of Deanship of Students Affairs and the University administration to intervene and investigate as well and bring an end such so as to avoid more occurrence of such incidences,” Tut said.

He added that “I am very embarrassed and ashamed why I was beaten in front of public yet I did nothing”, Tut added.

According to Manyang, he received information from other colleagues that the reason why the police came to the compus was to remove some benches used by the students for political rally under the tree at the campus compound.

Wilson Mayor Adiong, another student at the University condemned the harassment in the strongest terms, saying he was the first student to be beaten by the police officers.

“I was the first person to be beaten by police this year in the campus and when I complained, they took me to custody until I was released without charge,” he said

“We know the duties of police is to investigate and cooperate with citizens not to harass or to beat people”, Mayor said.

To reach police spokesperson for comment was fragile during press time.

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