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Police arrested 14 Hard drugs dealers with marijuana

Fourteen people have been arrested in connection with hard drugs related cases in the country. Some have already been taken to court while others are awaiting trial.

The Deputy Director of Anti-Narcotics in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Captain James Dominic revealed yesterday that Marijuana, one of the illegal drugs in the country is the most abused.

Capt. Dominic  said Marijuana is mostly consumed by idle youths below 17 years which he said may lead to juvenile delinquency.

Capt. Dominic further revealed that the fight against hard drugs is being hampered by collusion with some public personnel who are involved in using Government vehicles to transport the drugs in the country.

“The most abused drug in the country is marijuana, because it easily enters the country from the border points of Nimule and Yei via Lainya to Juba,” he said.

Dominic revealed this in an interview on the celebration of the International Day Against Drug Abuse, and Illicit Trafficking in Juba yesterday.

Marijuana is the dried leaf, flowers, stem and seed from the hemp plant. The plant contains the mid-altering chemical.

The main source of marijuana is Kaya where it enters the country and Lainya where police had in 2014 discovered its farms. Nimule border is another point of entry according to the Anti-Narcotics Department of the Police.

Dominic said in 2014, the police found a farm of marijuana in Lainya, which has been supplying other parts of the country.

This comes after police in Wau early this month, caught a man in possession of two boxes of opium, which was smuggled to Wunrock in Gogrial state.

Dominic said so far 14 people have been arrested in connection with involvement in drug dealings. Others have been charged and others are still waiting to be tried.

He urged the youth to desist from engaging in drugs since it leads to mental problems, and imprisonment if arrested.

Dominic said since the drug is mostly abused by children below the age of 17, it is more dangerous to their health.

According to the police, the drug dealers connive with some government officers to smuggle the drugs into the country, using government vehicles, making it hard for them to fight drug dealing in the country.

He said some are smuggling drugs into the country by inserting them into commodities such as cassava and groundnuts, which are normally offloaded in Gumbo before reaching Juba because of the fear that they might be arrested. “If you see the goods in big quantity being offloaded in Gumbo, it might contain dangerous drugs, you have to question the offloaders,” Dominic said.

He said the Anti-Narcotics department of the police is constrained by few vehicles for carrying out its operations.

He added that the police has started creating awareness amongst the youth in areas most affected by drug use, such as Buluk and Lologu. “Awareness in schools is also being done by the police,” Dominic said.

By Jale Richard

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