Police arrest armed robbers in possession of huge cash in Munuki

Police on Tuesday detained three armed robbers after residents in Munuki first arrested he gangs for suspicious activities in the area.

According to an eye witness who preferred anonymity, the group possessed huge amounts of cash when angry residents pursued them while fleeing in a Toyota Harrier.

The robbers would open fire and splash cash to the pursuing residents in an attempt to buy time to speed off but the determined residents closed in, forcing them to abandon their vehicle, when they reached a dead end, the witness said.

“Yesterday in the afternoon in Munuki area, we received a report that some people involved in a criminal case were arrested by the public and some of them were beaten and injured. We came in as the police and took the injured and they are receiving treatment in the hospital,” Major General Daniel Justin Boulo,the National Police Spokesperson, was quoted as saying by Insider South Sudan, a digital weekly newspaper.

Brigadier General James Dak Karlo,the National Police Deputy Spokesperson had earlier confirmed the arrest of the criminals and that investigations had begun but provided no further details.

In the recent past, criminals accused of terror activities including killing, armed robbery and money laundry have been arrested in several residential areas in Juba.

In December last year, the national police arrested 13 suspects including 12 South Sudanese and one foreign national in Gudele after killing two people and injured a police officer.

They were also found in possession of 8 AK47 rifles, one pistol and 96900 fake dollars and 132,000 black dollars after conducting a series of armed robberies in Hai Baraka, Gudele and Hai Muana residential areas.

In May 2021, police put a 2,000,000 million South Sudanese Pounds bounty for information leading to the arrest of notorious bandits accused of highway robberies and killings.

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