Police apprehended a suspect over killing in Awerial

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Awerial County of Lakes State confirmed that the police forces had apprehended a suspect identified as AgotdietJiel over the killing of a victim identified as Madol on Sunday.

The incident occurred in Magok Payam of Awerial County on Friday evening last week.Speaking to Juba Monitor, the police chief inspector in Awerial County, Bol Tier said that the cause of killing had not been established by the police.

“It was Friday over weekend when a suspect identified as AgotdietJiel, killed a victim identified as Madol in Magok Payam of Awerial County. We went there on Saturday and on Sunday, the security forces managed to apprehend the suspect, and is now arrested in Gulyar police custody for investigation”, Said Tier.

He added that he had talked to the family of the deceased not to revenge since the security forces had managed to apprehend the suspect for investigation on the matter.

“Police talked to the family of the victim not to do anything or revenge because police already apprehended the suspect. The situation is normal and investigation process will be carried out very soon,” he said.

He added that the father of the victim came to Awerial County police station as the investigation was scheduled to be carried out yesterday.

He said, after the investigation by police, the case would be forwarded to the court and it could proceed up to the State level.

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