Poem: You are not young South Sudan

By Akol Arop Akol


Be mature South Sudan

There is time for everything.

Time for misunderstanding has passed

Time for showing selfishness and braveness has gone

Time for siting down to watch world’s movies is over

It is the time to open your mouth and talk

South Sudan you stop scrawling, stand up and walk


You are not minor because you are 6 years old now

The world is calling you the youngest child in Africa

And also saying you are not developed

Do not belittle yourself; Wash away the blames and shames

Take this chance for doing an adult’s duties

Ideology of youngness is creepy.  No more senseless talking

You be doing great actions.
Who will fetch water for you when thirsty?

Who will cultivated crops and cook for you?

Open your eyes and see, open your heart and ear

What is world saying about you?

What are the souls of martyrs saying?

What is God who granted your right saying?

You are not young, don’t keep quiet but you have a voice

Your sickness and troubles are not someone’s problems

The confusions and conflicts you created are upon your neck

And the faults, curses and disappointments fall onto you


Never be a slave of idleness and laziness

Do not think of begging, robbing or smuggling

Go to school and learn new things

Go to church and pray to God

Rear your animals and grow your crops

Go to the market and start trading

You are rich with natural resources

Just exploit and use them for development
Allow peace in your heart and everything will be smart


The poet/writer is a high school student, reachable on email: akol.akol49@gmail.com




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