POEM –  The Crocodile Tears

By Loro Louis Yugu


In the mountains of peace talks,

So clear and blue in Addis it rolls

Down the cheeks of peace men,

Releasing off the dreadful pain,

Who will wipe tears of distress?


I see widow begs warlords with tears

That her baby orphan stop shrieks

That this gentle patter of 2018 rain,

This June, be no gunmen but grain

Who will wipe tears of distress?


Hoping for sparkling nation building

Sitting in the streets so nauseating

Without the daily dough for days

War in my stomach brings tears

Who will wipe tears of distress?


I saw mama stood marooned

Just the other day traumatised

At the mercy of the male hunger

In the absentia of food is anger

Who will wipe tears of distress?


All night long, hunger rules me Lord

In agony, just stomach up or dejected

This house without groundnut seeds

In memory of our hut full of nuts

Deeply afraid of artificial expiry.


Where there is no peace dear

Children don’t clap hands there

Life is lost in the brightness

Life hangs in balance, or stress

So, you & I awfully need peace.






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