Poachers are threats to Nimule Park-says Minister Akwoch

By: Morris Dogga

The Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism has raised an alarm over the rising levels of poaching and illegal hunting at the Nimule National Park.

Alfred Akwoch Amoli said the poachers who are believed to have crossed from Uganda and some parts within the country were using different local weapons to kill animals at the Park.

Akwoch revealed that the Wildlife authorities in Nimule have seized a number of those local weapons and other ivory which were destined to Uganda.

They use Kajama-a local weapon used for cashing elephants, wires snares, spears, the minister said adding that they have also apprehended other ivories including Black and White Columbus Money Skin, Hippopotamus teeth, Python Snake Skin and Crocodile Skin.

“There are still so many of the weapons in the park and the wildlife authorities are still collecting them,” Akwoch said.

“Most of the poachers are believed to have come from Uganda and Some South Sudanese. The park is really getting lost if it is not protected.”

Minister Akwoch feared that the number of the animals in Nimule National Park is decreasing drastically urging the South Sudan People’s Defense forces (SSPDF) to avail some officers to protect the Park.

“The wild life officers are very few so that cannot do much work. We have to work with the government to arm the officers,” he stated.

According to the minister some of the hunters are believed to be some of the members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) officers from the Ashwa cantonment site

“They go to the park; kill the animals and take the meat to Uganda. The Ugandans also come and kill the animals. I was shocked by seeing the hunting materials being used in a Nimule park.”

“We want a force even from the SSPDF to go to the park to protect the animals in the park.”

The traditional weapons seized from the poachers and the illegal hunters

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