The arrest of the 14 gang members involved in serious crime  deserve to be applauded but should remain an eye opener for war against serious crime in the country. The worst of them all is dealing in fake currencies with the aim of releasing them for use in the local market which is very wrong for economic growth. Flooding the market with fake currencies is crime punishable by the law of the land. The police should not rest until the criminals’ collaborators are all brought to book. Foreigners who do not respect the laws of the host country should be kicked out because they are creating disasters among the innocent members of the public. It should be mandatory that the authorities, particularly, the immigration department should be well informed of the characters of some of foreigners suspected to be involved in shoddy deals. Reports indicates that fake currencies in the name of USD are notorious with some individuals from West Africa although the countries cannot be blamed wholly while the crimes are being committed by few individuals. Members of the public are in better position to assist the authorities with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspected criminals since they live in their midst and share basics with them. The most important thing is that crime in whatever form should not be allowed anywhere in the country and people who are welcomed but abuse the privilege should not be spared the rod. They should be kicked out never to return again. There is no room for criminals and no one to host them.  The police and  other security organs be supported in every way possible to bring sanity back into public arena where criminals would plugged out and taken to where they belong instead of letting them roam the country and create havoc by committing crimes.

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