Plant trees for climate change mitigation

Press release

On this course, the executive Director of People’ Initiative Development organization was interviewed on the 31 March 2021 of how school’s club formed and the role this club would play to mitigate the climate change. 

Thus, during the interview, Mr. Kerubino Pow, the executive directordisclosed that PIDO has been supported byNPA which enable the organization to implement the project of community engagement on access and control to landfor eight months from the month of March 2021 through, to October 2021.

He revealed that the activities of this project are divided into three quarterphases in which planting the trees in two schools in Mayom and Bentiu are contained in the first phase project activities.

Mr. Pow explained that the environmental school club meeting at Chol Geah School in Mayom was attended by 18 students and 2 teachers. This meeting was facilitated by PIDO team of two members. this engagement resorted to the formation of school club of four [4] females and five [5] males students, plus two [2] teachers, one female and one male, totaling to 11 members who afterward planted 15 trees around the Chol Geah School compound in Mayom to help mitigating the climate change and soil erosion on the 23rd March 2021.

Thus, Mr. Kerubino continued explaining that the same activity was conducted in Bentiu girls secondary school on 23rd March 2021 and attended by 30 people, 13 females and 14 males students plus three [3] teachers. The environmental school club for the secondary school in Bentiu was formed of 13 members, five [5] females and five [5] males students and 3 teachers, two [2] males and one [1] female who afterward Planted 20 trees to help reduce the soil erosion and contribute toward the mitigation of climate change    

Therefore, Mr. Gatluak concluded that PID Owould continue to work with the environmental school club to ensure climate change mitigation as to stop the soil erosion. The two secondary schools’ clubs would continue governing and operationalizing the climate change mitigation and promote working knowledge and skills among the community members under the strengthening and monitoring of PIDO

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