Announcement of pending schools reopening has come when parents and guardians were almost losing hope of their children ever going back to classrooms after the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic early this year which forced all learning institutions to close down. The pandemic is still on and in most parts of the world; major activities seem to be at a standstill. The World Health Organization (WHO) and relevant health dockets globally are still eying research laboratories to see if any had come out with proven and tested cure. It cannot be left at the mercy of the virus to dictate to the whole world what schools be opened or not. A number of countries are going out of the medics’ requirements and are taking their own decision to or not to open learning institutions. This will save the youth from being idle and possibly engaging in wayward activities. Minister Awut Deng Acuil told the country that plans were underway for schools to be reopened soon. This indeed indicates that a country cannot sit back and wait for any eventuality without doing something to save the existing situation even if the virus will be there for the next ten years. The plan to have the youth back in school should be of importance since it is the cornerstone to developing a country with well-educated and trained manpower. It is to be understood that the situation that the country found itself in was not pre-determined but came into being through the natural occurrence which could not be blamed on anyone but nature. It is only important that proper action is put in place to safeguard the continuity of the learning and other requirements. It is somehow heartening that the virus cases are reported to be reducing as the country is recording at the testing level.

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