Plans afoot to resume South Sudan –Sudan border crossing on Oct. 18

By James Atem Kuir

Preparations were underway to finally resume border-crossings between the Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of the Sudan on Monday, October18, 2021. The process would continue afterthe initial October 1streopening datewas disrupted due the aftermath of a failed coup attempt in Khartoum.

The two countries wereset to open four crossing-points thatincluding:Jebeleen-Renk, Meiram, Buram –Tumsah and Kharsana-Panakuac as well as the river routefor the first time since 2011.But the plan was frustrated amid a coup d’étatattempt on September 21 in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

However, in a positive development yesterday, Brigadier –GeneralJames Dak Karlo,the Acting Spokesperson of the National Police Servicetold Juba Monitor that the government hadset up an adhoc committee to workout a budget to facilitate transportation of officials to the border town of Joda in Upper NileState where the long a waited border resumption was expected to be commissioned by prominent officials from bothcountries.

Gen. Karlo said that the committee headed by MajorGeneral Daniel Justin.The Spokesperson ofNational Police had determined that theOctober 18th, as the datefor the reopening of borders but would first meet their Sudanese counterparts to complete the needed arrangements.

“We are waiting for the budget (estimation) … we will come for the last mapping of the budget, and from there,we (will) have to meet with those(counterparts) in Khartoum before deciding but the date is 18th  (of October) but it is not yet confirm because there are some logistical issues that are yet to finish,” he said.

Gen. Karlo said different governmentinstitutions and stakeholders as well asother partners thatwere part of the committee were given different tasks to undertaketo expedite the process.

They includedMinistries of Interior, Transport, and Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Immigration, Passport and Civil Registry Department, andUnited Nations Mission in South Sudan.

Other stakeholders were theUnited Nations Police (UNPOL), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Med air South Sudan among others.

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