Planned move by Media Authority to accredit competent and qualified journalists is a step on the right direction if it can be done to save the profession from being flooded with quacks who are masquerading as journalists. They are many and their backgrounds are not very clear where they were trained. Media outlets and journalists require people of high standard with enough exposure and well trained people who know what professional ethics are. They must be above reproach with steady minds that links national concern a priority. Journalists are members of the fourth estate after the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. They are hawk eye of the public and bridge the gap between the government and citizens. Any single move or step which is contrary to the calling is in itself a disaster. Indeed there is one if any, institution that can produce the kind of journalists that can walk the talk. It is therefore appropriate that the authority has realized the concern and with the industry growing to the next level, there is need to improve the standard of reporting and news gathering. The government should move or come in and regulate colleges or institutions that are meant to provide trainings and make it mandatory through the authority to only accredit those who are qualified and holding recognized papers. This will save the situation in future where quality works produced by qualified members of the fourth estate are enjoyed by all. With peace, development agenda is top priority of the government for the good of the citizens. It is therefore important that the existing and the yet to be established are prepared for the next move and this can only be transparently done with effective media outlets. The time is now for media authority to implement this plan.

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