A foot for thought

Plan for better generations

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Any human being has his or her expectation of what to do for their living on earth. You may need to become a very big person in the country having position that you are recognized by everybody in the country and the world at large. Several people aimed to study and reach to the level of education that could qualify them known globally.

You may think of living in good place for example a house that have standard with good facilities so that everybody recognize you, including the environment where you are living. All the above mentioned need you to prepare early in your lives, and elderly people should support you for it. If you reach to maturity age, you need to think about your future before your parents tells you what to do.

For people who are living in the villages, not in the schools, one of the things their parents could do for them is to teach them agriculture, especially male boys. Their fathers should teach them how to cultivate, what kind of crops to be planted in which season.

For female their mothers should teach them domestic work in the houses and how to take part in the work of agriculture.

This was considered in old system when planning for children to be good parents in the future.  The world of today is different.  Children in the families are not taking the advice of their parents seriously.  Everything they get from social media. They educate themselves in Facebook and other forms of contacts. They call themselves children of modern world. Everything you get online and apply for your lives, not knowing the advantage and disadvantages of them. If you want to advise them, they usually said what you tell them is an old idea and ideology which cannot work with them now, including some cultures and norms that their parents would like to teach them.

What would happen to the coming generations is what we can think about them. Are we going to have generations that could take the country in good manner? That needs to be planned for. The plan should come as correcting the bad system and improve system to be good for having working programmes for better future. You cannot start the plan now without notice what is to be correct for the coming generations. Let us work collectively and plan as mature people for the better generations.

May God bless us all.

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