Plain Talk – The Country’s future

By Nana Alfred

The value of a country is assessed not by the riches or assets it possesses, but by its people. A nation may be wealthy, but what’s more important than the actual wealth is the collective intellect and intelligence of the people who contributed towards earning that wealth. As you can see from this, wealthy nations can go to ruin if their newer generations are unable to keep pace with their forefathers and drive innovation and growth, and developing nations can boost their welfare with insightful planning and an enthusiastic youth.

The youth of a nation determine how it shapes up a few years into the future; they are the future of the country, and their actions and inaction both contribute to the state of the nation. In promising countries like south Sudan, we the youth of the nation can contribute to its growth.

If our country has to be governed properly, it has be done by people who are responsible and who don’t abuse their positions of power for their own betterment instead of helping to better the nation. When the youth of a nation realize the value of good governance, they ensure that they vote for the people who they believe can make a difference to the nation’s prosperity and future.

We should be bringing in positive change. South Sudan is plagued by various social ills like corruption at the highest levels. Politicians and bureaucrats wind so much red tape around simple processes that they complicate them and make it impossible for progress to take place. The youth of the country can use their education to battle these problems that plague the country, they can fight corruption, bribes and every other social ill that keeps a nation down and prevents it from progressing at the speed it should.

Countries develop and become better when more of their youth are educated, and when this education is used for the greater good of the nation. South Sudan is way backwards from most other nations in terms of infrastructure and opportunities, but the basic mindset of the people is yet to change. They still don’t know how to adhere to basic societal propriety like following traffic rules or keeping to a queue and waiting their turn. They must strive to get people to follow their lead instead of following herd mentality and joining the majority.

If the youth of a country are educated and willing to go the extra mile to effect positive change, miracles can happen.

A small effort from every person can really change the entire shape of a country. Nowadays a feeling of belongingness is felt in South Sudanese. This shows Junubin are full of love, kindness, and compassion.

The previous generation made South Sudan a good place for us to call home and today, it is my generation’s turn to make it even better for the future generations to live in. That being said, I am not capable of doing it alone. Hence, everyone should take their part in it.

On 13th Dec 2013, a hideous war struck South Sudan. This is what South Sudan will be known for. A victim of her own children’s wrath instead of the country of warriors, survival or the youngest country in the world. We do not need sympathy but we deserve applause for standing tall despite the tremor that was supposed to make us fall. We also need to be known for our great work, our colors and our nature.

My role in development is not to make South Sudan like America but to leave my country as it is; not hiding her colors or forgetting her roots. I will try to help South Sudan in any way I can. Being a Junubiya, I have to work hard which will hopefully, one day, be beneficial to my motherland. Slowly but surely, South Sudan will shine as the brightest star because I played my part together with all my fellow citizens living in every nook and corner of Junub giving everything we could offer.

This war has brought great harm to the people in the name of love and passion for the motherland. True love for motherland is reflected only in personal sacrifices for the betterment of others.

Words and violence solely cannot represent the love for one’s nation. I think truly loving our nation means being patriotic by accomplishing our duties as a citizen and bringing people together for the common good. We must be responsible citizens by voting, respecting property, being considerate of the privacy of others and obeying the laws of the land. Loving the nation does not only mean fulfilling responsibilities but we must also celebrate our nation.

Loving one’s country is simply loving oneself or loving its citizens. Possessing qualities like integrity, impartiality and strong unity itself proves that you truly love your country. Besides, commitment towards your duty and respecting your rights shows how much love you have for your country.

As remarked by JF Kennedy, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’ encourages every citizen to rise in hard times, face the unprecedented challenges, unite and resolve the conflict and pave the way towards a prosperous nation.

At the last, I hope we are taking the path towards peace, stability & better development. Because from this generation we can achieve The Policy Makers, The Scientists, The Chemists, The Doctors in future and they can do great work for better development of the country.

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