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Pigi County commissioner called on Agwelek forces to respect civilians

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Pigi County Commissioner of Jonglei State, yesterday called on Agwelek forces to respect civilians within various payam of Piji county.

In an inclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Pigi County commissioner Nyok Mialual said that “The recent last agreement was between the Government and Kitgwang, which means Kitgwang group are now part of peace, therefore, let them {Agwelek}work hand in hand with the people of Pigi, without war and harassment within Pigi anymore,”

“The only forces that has refused to work with the government within Pigi county are the Agwelek forces, who are currently part of Kitgwang, they have reached to a point that even the people working with them like the farmers, they take their boats and even Harass them, and now it has made it hard for people to even move peacefully,

Mialual added that the harassment has led the Pigi people not to stay but rather leave the payam{Atar} for fear of their life’s “There are areas like Wun-liam because of some forces people left and went to other areas like Khorfulus, while Atar payam also is currently where the Agwelek who happened to be part of Kitgwang is staying,” he explained.

He further said that “We have forces staying with us like IO forces in Del payam but they have good relationship with the people unlike Kitgwang that made movement hard that if you want to reach to your own payam, then you would rather use other means and not the usual roads and sometimes no movement at all,”

Few weeks ago, peace deal was signed by South Sudan Presidential Advisor for Security Affairs, Tut Gatluak and the head of SPLA-IO Kitgwang faction General Simon Gatwech Dual and his deputy, General Johnson Olony, the leader of Agwelek forces.

The two parties agreed on political representation of the group by allocating political position at the leadership level.

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