Pibor, Jonglei youth reconciliation dialogue starts in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

Trust building, peace and reconciliation dialogue between Murle of Pibor Administrative Area and Bor youth of Jonglei State organized by Peace Building Opportunities Fund (POF) kicked off in Rumbek, Lakes State on yesterday.

Speaking during the opening remarks, the secretary general of defunct Western Lakes State Martin Maciec Kuc urged the two communities of Murle of Pibor Administrative Area and Bor of Jonglei State to embrace peaceful coexistence and reconciliation between themselves.

“The only way we can solve our differences as South Sudanese is through dialogue with one another instead of fighting, raiding cattle and killing of people,” said Martin Maciec Kuc.

Martin said that since last year, there has been relative peace and stability achieved by peace partners and the government of Lakes State compared to previous years of intercommunal hostilities and urges these communities to live peacefully as brothers.

“I want you to make a good use of staying in Rumbek for peace and reconciliation because when you dialogue, you will have resolutions that will go back with you. Go with those resolutions and preach peace among your people even your government that allowed you to come to Rumbek will respect and will take you as peace ambassadors,” said Martin.

The representative of Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) Mr. Turial Pielu said that his presence in Rumbek was for peace and reconciliation with Bor youth.

“I am coming from Pibor to Rumbek for peace dialogue with my brothers from Bor. When I go back to my people, I will go and preach peace messages, and human rights violation to Murle youth instead of violence,” said Pielu.

Mabor Luk, a youth from Duke County representing Bor youth of Jonglei State said he wants Rumbek community to be peaceful. He said that they wanted peace in their community.

“We came to Rumbek as Murle and Bor youth to learn from you how to reconcile because we have experienced a lot of killing and we don’t want to pretend. The main reasons of being in Rumbek is to look for peace and reconciliation between Bor and Murle youth. Just look at me, I am a grown-up person and if I have a hidden agenda, God will watch me,” said Luk.

However, the Peacebuilding Opportunities Fund (POF) area advisor Mabor Kau Akec said the reason of bringing together Murle and Bor youth is due to the neutrality of Rumbek.

He said POF is operating in so many intercommunal conflicts affected areas of Jonglei, Torit and Lakes State, but the youth from Murle and Bor are the ones who have chosen Rumbek as a neutral area suitable for peace and reconciliation between them. He added that the trust building peace and reconciliation dialogue attended by 30 participants from Bor and Murle Youth will last for 3-days.

The trust building peace and reconciliation dialogue is meant to bring together the conflicting youth from Pibor and Bor to Rumbek to settle down their differences of cattle raidings, child abduction and intercommunal hostilities.

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