Pibor communities hold talks ahead of Jonglei Peace Conference

By Chany Ninrew    

The communities of Greater Pibor Administrative Area are conducting an internal peace awareness to forge a way forward as part of the greater peace initiative which will bring together communities of Greater Jonglei in January next year.

This was confirmed by the Press Secretary in the office of the Chief Administrator for Greater Pibor, Marconi Kuju Obocji.

In an interview with Juba Monitor from Pochalla, Kuju said they have begun several bottom line peace awareness dialogues in different parts of Pibor and the surrounding communities.

“What we are doing is a peace kind of awareness, since we came back (from Juba) on October, we are trying to forge a way forward to enhance peaceful environment between the Greater Pibor and Greater Jonglei communities of Lou Nuer and Dinka Bor, after meeting the High-Level Delegation headed by Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga will then come back to begin a peace awareness between the four communities of Greater Pibor that’s Jie, Kachippo, Anyuak and Murle,” said Kuju.

The State official further revealed that they are currently initiating a grassroots approach so that communities are aware of the needs to stay in peaceful coexistence among themselves and with the neighboring states.

Kuju added that with support from Peace Opportunity Fund, a UK based organization, they have initiated several successful talks in different areas of Pibor and the latest dialogue will take place in Pochalla.

“We have sent delegates to Kuron and Kapoeta communities where Governor Louis Lobong is. We have sent delegates to go and talk to Kapoeta communities, we also went to Marwuo where we had a peace conference on 23rd of this month and we are now in Pochalla waiting for the delegation from Juba to arrive so that the final peace awareness be held between the Murle and Anyuak on the 29th,” Kuju said.

Kuju also revealed that a number of delegates from Jonglei comprising of the Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth, Minister of Peace-building Stephen Phar Kuol, and the Peace Commission Chairperson Chuol Rambang will meet with the authority in Pibor town on the 30th to kick off the final phase of the peace awareness. 

In June, when communal violence reached its peak in Greater Jonglei, President Salva Kiir appointed a 13 members delegation headed by the VP for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga to mediate and help address the root cause of the conflict in the state.

In an unprecedented move, the Vice President knelt in humility before local chiefs and community leaders in Bor, entreating with them to persuade their children to end the decades old communal bloodshed in a state so famous for her ethnic and cultural diversity.

In August, President Salva Kiir declared a State of Emergency in Greater Jonglei in order to help coordinate the swipe response to an intense communal violence and the devastating floods at that time.

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