PETROLEUM-Workers in arms over promised policy

Oil sector workers, officials’ poses for a group photo on the last day of the training

By Yiep Joseph

National Employees in the joint operation companies have decried the lack of the implementation of a unified HumanResource Policy Manual(UHRPM)-2020 which was signed between the Ministry of Petroleum and joint operating companies in the country.

Staff in the joint operating companies (DPOC, GPOC, SPOC) expressed concerns over the stagnation in the implementation of the Unified Human Resource Policy Manual(UHRPM-2022).

In some parts of UHRPM-2020, it was mentioned that both nationals and non-nationals working in the oil companies should receive equal treatment which meant that both with the same grade performing the same work should have equal salaries and other privileges.

According to a document dated 23rd March 2022 seen by Juba Monitor, oil sector employees expressed a lack of implementation of the UHRPM-2020 agreement that was inked between the Ministry of Petroleum and oil companies.

“The national staff across JOCs namely DPOC, GPOC, and SPOC would like to bring to the attention of the Minister of Petroleum and the entire leadership the following; to date of this letter there is no tangible step taken toward implementation of UHRPM-2020 by JOCs, there are conflicting and contradicting directives from foreign partners to JOCs to further delay implementation of the policy in total defiance to the directives of the Ministry of Petroleum” part of the document stated.

However, on a separate note yesterday during the closure of the three days training of the oil sector, DutBaakWol Chairperson of the Workers’ Trade Union of Petroleum and Mining in South Sudan confirmed the lack of implementation of Unified Human Resource Policy Manual-2020.

“Regarding the Unified Human Resource Policy Manual, the worker’s trade union has been working hard, we have encouraged the Ministry to establish the unified human resource but the partners or the companies did not go well with it until Puot Kang the current Minister took initiative and formed a committee that reached the new unified HR policy manual-2020 which the companies were still resisting,” Dut said.

He called on the government particularly the parliamentarians to look into the manual and put it into law.

“I think when the government passed it, it will become a law and it will be strong, I approach the one(MP) who is representing us in the parliament and told him to table it to the assembly to be discussed,” he said.

“The implementation is still and this needs all of us to be united and work hand in hand in order to achieve it” he added.

He called on the participants to pass the knowledge acquired from the training to their fellow workers who were not part of the exercise.

On February 22nd, 2022 the Ministry of Petroleum and joint Operating Companies JOCs held a joint Press conference in which they declared the agreement on the full implementation of UHRPM-2020 effective from January last year.

On the other part, a subsequent directive from the Ministry of Petroleum dated 25th 2022(Ref: RSS/MOP/OM/J/2022/19) in which the minister instructed all JOCs to fully and immediately implement the policy.

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