Petition letter to Eastern lakes state Government

Aliab students of Eastern Lakes State at the University of Juba

By Koch Nhial Nhial

Aliab students at the University of Juba have petitioned Eastern Lakes State government over the disarmament of civilians which they said “is jeopardizing the stability in the state between Aliab, Atuot and Ciec communities.

Mayang Ayiu a student at the University of Juba said due to the disarmament exercise, Ciec and Atuot cattle keepers has migrated to their land with cattle and fire arms.

“These communities have land disputes last year which led to the loss of lives among the youth on both sides of the communities,” he said.

The students appealed to the state government to intervene before the communities could start fighting and revenge attacks.

“Aliab youth are calling for the government to make massive disarmament to Atuot and Ciec communities,” he said.

Hondit Agut-majok, a student at the University of Juba said youth from Ciec and Atuot have camped in cattle camps in Riet, Rangbek and Panyangrier cattle camps on Aliab land where tribal conflict erupted last year between Aliab, Ciec and Atuot cattle keepers.

“2018 is a year of peace and we do not need bloodshed among the communities at a time the government of South Sudan is on the process of bringing lasting peace in the country,” Agut-majok said.

He revealed that the youth of Aliab were disarmed while Ciec and Atuot youth were not disarmed.

Agut-majok claimed that on February 10th this year, Atuot armed youth raided 58 heads of cattle from Thiang-tok area and no action was taken by the State Government.

He claimed that in early April after disarmament has been carried out in greater Awerial Counties Atuot armed group came and raided 66 heads of cattle in Awerial East County at Abuyung and no action was taken by the state authorities.

Agut-majok said Aliab students at the University of Juba urges the state government and authorities concerned to urgently solve all the unsolved problems in the state in order to allow peace and stability.

However Abraham Majak ,the Acting Minister for Information, Culture, Youth and Sport told Juba Monitor on phone that the disarmament exercise was fully conducted in the state.

“If there are still people with guns in those areas may be such people are thieves who are staying illegally and the government is not aware about that and such people should be reported to the state government,” Majak said.

“The government did not receive any information from County Commissioners and such issues are under the responsibility of the County Commissioners to report those issues to the state government,” he added.

Majak urged cattle keepers and the youth residing in faraway areas from the state capital to live in peace among themselves and with their neighboring states.

“The state government has a plan to carry out peace and reconciliation between the communities of Atuot, Aliab and Ciec in Eastern Lakes State to allow free movement and stability among the communities in the State,” Majak said.


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