Persons with disabilities praise the gov’t for organizing courses

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Persons with disabilities in Yei-River County praised the government and partners for including people with special needs in training.

Medina Kiden Adeges, one of Disable Action Group (DAG) praises the Women for Women International organization for training and graduating over fifty women with different impairments.

“Women with disabilities feel considered by the government, its partners, and the community.I  thank the women who are married to men with disabilities for taking good care of them despite the kind of impairment they have, as well we thank the government of Yei River County and its partners for giving people with disabilities the opportunity to be trained together with those without any disability,”

She added that people with disability have the freedom to register women who are living with disability to be trained together with those who are physically good and she believes that the women for women international organization have managed to train and graduate over fifty disabled women this Year. Women who are married to men with disabilities taking care of them are facing a lot of difficult situations,”

She revealed that she asks non-governmental organizations and the local government to support and give more rooms for training and with necessary funds for the women to boost their businesses.

“I call for help to children living with disabilities by giving school informs, fees, and scholastic materials to create a conducive learning environment. Encourage people with disabilities to be creative and support themselves where possible to educate their children. I call upon the government together with the organizations dealing in education to continue supporting children of people living with disabilities by paying for their fees. If we knock on your door because of the education or health of the children with disabilities, please respond positively,”

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