Persistent commitment led to the Independence, Commissioner

By Hassan Arun Cosmas-Yei

Commissioner of Lainya County in Central Equatorial State, Emmanuel Khamis Richard Luka testified that the country’s independence came as a result of the South Sudanese persistent to attain self-autonomy government.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, in a telephone interview, Commissioner Luka described the 10th independence anniversary as a very important day for the citizens in and outside the country.

“Today is a very important day that South Sudanese gather together and commemorate the 10th independence anniversary of our country. This independence came as a result of our own struggle through subsequence wars where many have died,” he said.

He urged the locals residing in LainyaCounty and South Sudan at large to reflect on the sacrifices made by the country’s  men and women during the struggle for the independence.

The commissioner calls on leaders to put aside envy and greed for power and resources in order to put the country into a stable situation.

He added that the citizens should focus in restoring sustainable security for peace to prevail in the country for development to be realized.

“I want to urge the people of Lainya County Central Equatorial State to reflect to the sacrifices made by the fallen heroes and heroines during the struggle for the independence,”he appealed.

South Sudan fall back into war, two years after attaining independence which devastated the nation and citizens lives forcing many to seek refuge in neighbouring countries while others become IDPs within the country.

The leader called on political leaders to use the commemoration of the 10th independence anniversary to reflect on their actions that might have contributed to instability in the country.

Though there is relative peace in the country, some citizens reacted saying they still witness continued insecurity, displacement, killing, hunger and looting that made them lose hope in the country.

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