People’s stories change

By Ngor Khot Garang

I have in my ordinary life been held captive by the belief that every human being was created for something greater or something more beautiful than their current situation.

We live in a fragile world where situations force us to believe that nothing will ever change and that life will continue to be a burden despite the efforts we put to make it appear more meaningful or anything like that.

Many people give up, some weep while others continue to push the stone of which they are unsure whether it will really turn into something else.

That is how life is, it is too complex and like a box of chocolate.  You know what you are going to get inside when you open it but when you open it carefully you will be surprised by what is inside.

In today’s world, there are times when you feel confused, forgotten and even lost. You feel like you are the only person who knows your presence in life and nobody else. You will even wonder why God created you and forgot to build a roof over your head.

When you see the kind of life you are living and you compare it with that one of your neighbor, you grieve even more and “why” becomes your frequently used word. “God have I put my eggs in the wrong basket or is the way I struggle everyday more of a comedy to you?”

These questions are not hard to ask when we are in the midst of difficulties and some of the successful people today have asked more subtle questions than those  at times when life was like an endless sea that cannot be crossed by an ordinary human being.

But the fact is, their life turned around and their past stories continue to encourage us to carry the same gumption as we mount those slippery ladders to self-discovery.

It should not discourage you if you wash people’s cars, bus conductor or you are a newspaper vender who hawks newspapers under the scorching sun of Juba. You have to put it in mind that someone have done that before and he/she is now one of the greatest public figures in the world and if you ask them how they turn the other side of the coin, they will tell you it is hard work and self-discipline.

Hard-work beats talent and all the successful people who made it from rag to riches today have the paragon of hard work.

This challenges us to let go of complaints such as “Why is life so hard like this”.  And we embrace the moment and take life as it is.

Some difficult situations will cause you to worry a lot but it will not take years before you experience changes in your life if you want it as much as you want to breathe.  If people’s situations can change from bad to good, it can also happen to you too.


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