People’s reaction on peace implementation

By Martha David

President Slava Kiir Mayadrit and the Dr Riek Machar who are the key signatories to the revitalized peace agreement met over the weekend together with the team from the United Nations Security Council.

The leaders discussed the pending issues, including possibility to form the Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity on November 12th. Juba Monitor caught up with some South Sudanese to find out their views on the current peace process.

The citizens in the country are hopping for peace to prevail to put an end to their suffering, said Alma Luciano a job seeker who said her wish is to have peace in the country.

She added that people have suffered enough, saying since she graduated she had not got any job.  Ms. Luciano said that even those who graduated longtime back were surviving without jobs.

Ms. Luciano said she did not welcome the idea of the extension of the pre-transitional period

“I don’t think there is something that should prevent them from forming a new government,” she said.

She urged South Sudanese not to lose hope.

“There is no way out, only to be patience, we need people to love themselves and shun tribalism and cooperate,” Luciano stressed.

Mama Rachael a cleaner at the national ministry said people hope for peace and this is all what they need.

“We need the government to work together to bring peace because we are suffering a lot, what we hope for is peace,” she said.

Kuol Amath Alor said “Well the people of South Sudan have waited for so long for the formation of the Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity and it is about time to give the people what they desire, which is peace. So, the formation of the unity government should not be postponed for any reason, people want peace and stability in the country,” said Amath.

Amath added that people need to understand that that peace is a process that cannot be achieved in only six months or even a year.

“Yes we understand the issues of the states and it should be decided by the people on how many states they would like to have, and it would happen when the people see both the government and opposition working together towards bringing peace,” Amath

He added that the formation of the unity government should not be postponed and prolonged. “We need peace and stability,” he said.

Morgan Ray believes it is a great thing for the leaders to come together to focus on how they can develop the country.

“We the people have suffered a lot and this peace process is an opportunity for the nation to unite and promote peace amongst themselves,” said Morgan.

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