People with disability grief in communities

By Emelda Siama John

Persons with Disability were raising concerns that they had been the most people neglected in the workplace, at schools and also in the communities. The group called on the government to intervene or helping employ people who have studied sight language in recognized institutions. 

The representative of persons with disabilities, Diana Joseph Celesto, said that we were all equal as a human beings. And the reason why we focus on that, we were the cause’s advocacy and the source of creating awareness because verymany people didn’t consider us in the country. We were represented as the persons with disability, we were undermined, started from the family level, the communities as wellas international level that didn’t know us, Celesto said thisduring the conference at alocal hotel in Juba.

She added that disability was an umbrella of since covering requirements, achieving education and participation restraint

“As young women with disability we lack the information because girls with infirmity are intermittent sent to school,”she added.

Celesto revealed that in south Sudan they lack silence language in the field hushes, and they also had people with interglacial disability. They were characterized by limited functioning, learning, reasoning, problem solving and behavior that affected the skills. For example people with tormented injuries.

“We lack tolerance support,especially with the health science, we people with disability we lack that support,and there’s also abandonment attitudes from the families to the person who is disabled, is like we even abandoned to them, but not a child in the family,” she said.

She stressed that they also lacked financial assistance, as a woman with disability she wanted to look for the job so that she supported herself.

Esther Akumu Achier, Director General for Gender Equity and inclusive education said that they had developed the policy of inclusive education and worked together with hearing environment and the physical disability in the environment. They worked toward the strategy of the implementation of the policy. They were already tried to see who had decided to had all the JPO.

“In my ministry, the director for inclusive education, we have people with hearing a sound department directory of inclusive education who are training the teachers, and we have translators in the ministry who are working hard, so that teachers were train silence language, and we trying to ensure that our curriculum are interpreted to silence language and we have already requested a place for school construction,” she cited.

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