People with Disabilities call for expedited Peace Process

By Rose Keji Benjamin

People with Disabilities have called on the parties to the Peace agreement to expedite the peace process and said that war increases problems such as accidents.

The Deputy Chairperson of the Union of the Blind and a Teacher at Buluk Centre for the Blind, Cornelio Wani Ladu said the peace process should be taken into serious consideration.

He made these remarks after the World Cane Day celebrations on Tuesday 17/10/2017 in the Buluk Centre for the Blind, which is being celebrated for the third time in South Sudan under the Theme: “Educate the World Blind on the Cane.”

He said South Sudanese should respect the blind by allowing free movement of the blind on the road with their canes.

“This day is victorious for the blind and the use of the cane in South Sudan for direction and movement of the blind,” he said.

Wani said there are some who are blind at home and do not have access to the Centre but with the technology of the cane now; it allows them to come to the Centre.

“We used to be taken by someone who is not blind but now we move along the roads with the cane,” he said.

He urged the government to help fasten the Rajaf construction of the school for the blind in order to avoid drop out of pupils due to lack of transport.

Wani further called on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) who support people with disabilities to continue supporting them and provide adequate funds for the association in the school.

“The Government did not allocate a budget for the Blind or people with Disabilities and that is why we have problems in the Centre, “he said.

Augustino Lonulo Ilario, a teacher said they have been facing challenges like lack of adequate training and inadequate funds.

He called on the government to cooperate with the blind and give them a chance to receive education and training in the country.

Lonulo appealed to drivers in the country to respect and provide safety to the blind while they are moving or crossing the roads.

“To be blind is not our own making but it is as a result of the conflict, by God or through sicknesses that cause blindness and we need to have respect for one another,” Lonulo said.


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