People with disabilities call for equal opportunities

Luis Mawut, Chairperson of South Sudan Association of Visually Impaired (File photo)

By Kitab A Unango

People with disabilities have called on the government and institutions to establish inclusive enabling environments for all categories of people.

Luis Mawut, Chairperson of South Sudan Association of the Visually Impaired (SSAVI) said rights of people with disabilities have been violated in various forms including how institution buildings were being constructed.

He said some of the buildings were disadvantaged to physically disabled persons adding these were clear indications of violation and discardto people with disabilities by their own people.

He pointed out that many people with disabilities find it very difficult to access some basic services due to disability friendless infrastructure of some governments and organizations.

“People with disabilities are equal beings. They should be given equal opportunities and enjoy equal rights to education, employment and health service accessibilities like any other South Sudanese”, Mawut said.

He said disabled people should be considered as potential resources by the government, organizations and communities as well as in their families.

Mawut called on the government to enact and implement legislations that will ensure protection of all rights of people with disabilities in the country.

Mawut said reconciliation and genuine peace implementation require equal rights to all South Sudanese regardless ofthe disability an individual person has.

He urged the government and all organizations in the country to offer capacity building skills topeople with disabilities to avoid over dependency and poverty.

“We need education and capacity building support not because we become independent but to have mutual support”, he stated.

He stressed that neglecting people with disabilities leads to vicious circle of poverty in the community.

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