Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Oodoyo

Sometimes l really get disturbed when people are taking advantage of others or a prevailing situation. This time many people are taking advantage of the dreaded coronavirus. But more so while the entry points are still facing, “semi- lockdown”, a number of wrongs or rights things are happening. My friend narrates to me how he was at the Juba International Airport (JIA) yesterday to receive a body of a friend and departed colleague, Edward Terso Lado. The case of the departed soul is different because those who knew the late are in mourning. But he had something to tell the airport authority. Something which borders on the high-level flaw of the law, the coronavirus laws, and requirements. My friend tells me to tell the authorities at this international airport that at the departure lounge, something needs to be done because according to him the majority who lined up to board planes yesterday were mostly foreign nationals but who did not keep social distance and who were behaving as if the law or requirements did not involve them or is it the management and administration that was lax and was not doing the work as should be. My friends tells me to tell the airport authority that something is very wrong with security arrangements where people can walk without being checked right inside to the ramp without any question being asked, and without due authority from those who are supposed to give them. Another concern that my friend and colleague brought out to my attention was that he learnt that a number of planes loaded have touched down at the airport with large number of passengers who were allowed in the country without going through coronavirus or any other form of checking to determine their health status before being wheeled or driven out of the airport to disappear in the thin air. The latest according to him, was almost 90 passengers who disembarked from an airplane at the airport late last week and were met with relatives, family members and friends who took them out before being checked by the medics to establish their status. He told me that he was not against anybody travelling or coming in the country as long as they follow the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health requirements.  What bags him most is what he saw at the airport and wondered if this was the daily occurrence, then the fight against the coronavirus was naught and would take a long way to come as many people were coming in and going out without proper and required preventive and protective measures. He told me to tell the relevant authorities of the happenings and if what he saw was anything to go by then the country would be faced with a lot of dangers and would seek the will of the almighty to fight the virus to its conclusion. I promised my friend that I will tell those managing the entry points, particularly, airport because I have some friends there who can lend me their ears to listen to the concerns of the citizens.

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