People should follow precautionary measures against Coronavirus

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There are reports that South Sudanese refugees in the neighboring countries are trying to come back due to fear of the covid-19. They were blocked up by the border authorities of those countries. It is well known that most of South Sudanese refugees are in Uganda, Kenya and Sudan. According to the information about coronavirus, those are the countries confirmed to be affected.

 They were not allowed to cross the boarders as the situation was tense.  There is no way for them to come back by this time. Everything is in the hands of God. They went from South Sudan looking for safety, fear to die, now with Coronavirus there is no another place for safety. Most countries that protect refugees in the world were affected with Coronavirus, people have no option to protect themselves the way they like.  It is only God who protects and you should follow the directive given to you by the ministry of health for safety.

Better to remain in the country where you are than moving from place to place. If they come to South Sudan, they would affect people who are in the country. Start with their families, friends and relatives. People should pray to God, ask forgiveness from Him and reconcile to one another with the sins committed in the country as well as in the world.

This is a new way of not living together; you cannot do anything even if you have money, it would not help you at the moment. In this fasting period, people have to raise their hands to God. It is time also to be near to God, talk to Him and live with Him in any moment. You don’t know the date and the time. Let us believe that with Grace of God every citizen of South Sudan should not be affected with Coronavirus.  It would not reach our country in Jesus name.

 However, people were worried about hunger, for the reason that South Sudan is exporting food and other items from the neighboring countries. Now the boarders were closed, it would be difficult to purchase any item. Currently, food items in the markets are expensive. The rate of dollars has gone up in the black markets, due to the situation of coronavirus. Some items were not available in the markets, people cannot move for long distance to look for them.

Addition to that, it is risky to use public transport; government should find system on how people would use public transport or protect themselves. Sitting near to each other or touching each other cannot be avoided in public transport.  Thus, enlightenment programme should continue so that people understand how to take precaution for themselves. Refugees in the neighboring countries should stop coming to South Sudan in order to avoid inconveniences might happened.  They should wait until directive come from the concern authorities.  

May God bless us all.

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