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People of South Sudan love God

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Thousands of people gathered at South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC} ground near Rainbow football playground to get the word of God from Prince of Peace Evangelist Randy Robert. The program started on 2nd and ended on 5th of this month 2021.  Within three days of preaching, there were many people who received healing and many miracles.

During the testimony on 4th of this month, a certain man said he had accident and went to Khartoum for treatment, there was no healing. He  suffered, after coming to this crusade, he got healed in the name of Jesus.He thanked God and Evangelist for the miracle that had happened to him.

This is one of the examples that happened on the preaching of 4th of this month and there were so many testimonies people said.  Evangelist said God loves South Sudan, they should continue praying in their various churches.

He further said in such prayer, there is no money being given for offering, those who have money for offering are to give to their churches. For him he was preaching free, for the reason that Jesus was healing people free during those years. There was no money being paid for prayers or healing. Church that ask money from people for prayers is wrong; we need to follow what bible says and the teaching of Jesus Christ.

However, it was good moment to experience such kind of preaching from Evangelist who has power to heal people in the name of Jesus. Those who got healedkept faith in Jesus Christ and continued praying to Him. Their prayers are not to end with the preaching of Evangelist Robert. After this programme, of course he is going back to his country or to other countries for the same mission.

There were many people which need God services in the world. Those Bishops, priests and Pastors in South Sudan are to take the same example of Evangelist Robert for the salvation of mankind. The programme ended with many blessings to those who believe in Jesus Christ as their servitor.

May God bless us all.

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