PENSION – Scheme not working in the country

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The pension scheme has remained fixed and not working effectively in the country due to lack of funds, Minister Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro revealed.

Bakosoro who is in charge of Public Service and Human Resource Development said the system had also been rendered inefficient due to lack of political goodwill.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor the Minister stated that the system has been rendered ineffective due to lack of political will, lack of pension fund and what he described as a free trade economy in the country ‘to whom it may concern’ where people decide on their own not to move.

“Civil service is scientific, you cannot employ someone to grade nine, eight, seven, six, five….and grade one if those grades are occupied. They must be emptied that you employ somebody and you promote somebody. So, if the pension scheme is working that means, you reach at the age of sixty-five as a civil servant, then you exit. Now your position will be occupied through promotion and then grade nine will be left empty for graduates to be recruited and employed. Since no grade is moving, therefore, recruitment is very difficult,” Bakosoro said.

He revealed that the number of elderly people within Civil service is greater than the number of youths employed resulting from the stagnant nature of the pension scheme in the country.

“If the pension scheme is working that means if you reach the age of 65 as civil servant then you exit but since other positions are ahead especially grade one, two up to nine are not moving therefore recruitment will be difficult. Although there is pension money, it is very little it cannot help you in your life time. Some people like it while others don’t like it but when you go to pension there is no pension money,” Bakosoro said.

He added that the ministry is working with other institutions to come up with possible solution and exit strategy for elderly people to accord them better services after retirements.

“We are dealing with pension scheme to make sure that those who are going on pension have because of age limit (65) to get pension money and those who are fit to go on will continue because it is not automatic to retire,

He revealed that currently his Ministry has started with national institutions and soon when they get some fund, shall go down in the states to make head count to all service in the State so that they know manpower or human resource power that they are available in the whole country and also to know their grade and level of education.

“When we come to manpower, we don’t have really exactly number of the age bracket for example how many employees are between 18-20 up to 65, but what I know so far is that we have cross sectorial employment at large from 18 up to 65,” Joseph said.

Currently we have in the government but the exact number is not known but that can be looked at when time comes. So we have number of youth who were employee and we have number of mid-class also employees as well elders and women.

“Our focus is that we need to transfer power from old age to mid-class and from Mid-class to the youth but the challenge the youth are facing here is the pension scheme work because you cannot employee a grade nine if grade nine was occupied,” he added.

However, the Deputy General Manager for pension, Helen Taban said that since the pension scheme was established in the country they are paying pension scheme for those who started from 2011 up to date. But for those who were workers in the old Sudan by then their documents are still there and everything is still locked there.

Their documents are not yet brought to South Sudan because there is no agreement.

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