By Ngor Khot Garang

For centuries,  the inventions of man,  the long range missiles and atomic bombs  have sent almost half of humanity  into their early graves  before their time on earth during the war to test as to which country is militarily strong.

Little was known about the power of pen because many people were not educated. But as I hold this pen to write this article, I stand to be corrected that, “Pen is mightier than a gun”.  Gun has done us more harm than good, about two decade ago, Syria was the most peaceful country in the whole world and when you compare it with the Syria of today, you will only be asking yourself questions that have got no answers.  Syria is now nothing but ash; the buildings that were seen from afar for years are not there anymore. The whole country has turned to a battlefield. How many people have died there as a result of a man turning a barrel of gun on his fellow human being? They cannot be counted, it is God who knows. Guns are not meant for development, however, it only takes what we need so desperately in life; our happiness, peace and prosperity. China is where it is today because they had already known the power of pen maybe a hundred years ago. They are making new discoveries and new things every hour and now while we are struggling every day thinking of how to maim, destroy and how to bring others down. Our young men and women are graduating every day and it seems like what the schools we came from taught us is how to incite violence. Let us all stand together to recover Africa from its current mess.  In America, there is a very big war that is taking place right now, don’t mistake me for anything please. It is a war of minds.  There is no bloodshed nor is there a loss of properties, it is a war where when your colleague made a major discovery, you work harder to make something better than his. That is where development and success of a country creeps in. If I am not right, it is your turn to compare any war affected country in Africa with any other country around the world, you will really know that war with weapons is destructive and it takes people back.  We are running every day to seek asylum in foreign lands because we are afraid of being killed anytime, we are always in constant fear for our life, for others use to ask themselves “How many days am I left with or maybe I will not reach 60 years”. While in Western World, more especially in Switzerland. There are people who are going for euthanasia just because they are tired of living or maybe they have reached certain age bracket like 97 years where they become helpless and do not want to be taken care of like a child or that they do not want to overburden their immediate families. Is there anyone who would wish not to reach that golden age?  No one and we can reach those years if we are in peace with ourselves, when we educate our children and teach them how to hold a pen not a toy gun. Let not Africa or your country be known as a place where blood is always poured to get a political seat or to secure it, let it be a place where productive machines are made. Are you not going to be happy to drive a car not from Japan but with a brand name of an African company?  Wouldn’t it sound good to hear that this computer or robot was made in South Sudan, Kenya or Uganda? Is it not awesome to hire our African engineers to construct our roads and railway lines instead of Chinese and Japanese? We must all plan the future of Africa or should we remain as a topic of discussion for the rest of our lives? Who is going to be our Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela?  Did they use guns in their live times? They were with visions and dreams for a different Africa that the world knows but death put a knife between them and those lofty dreams. It is our turn to pick from where they stopped.

How can we do this? It’s by destroying all the weapons of war that we have and we use our minds and pen to fight to reclaim the position of Africa in the global scene for the betterment of Africa, if you want to climb the political ladder, I am not commanding you, I beg of you please do not use violence but word and remember that words are very powerful even the world came into existence through the word. I can’t remember the time when the leaders of Africa met for the vision 2063 but all I can say is make Africa a peaceful place,  some of you may not reach 2063, perhaps your children can and there is no way your children will enjoy “Africa 2063” without you laying a better foundation for them.  There is no way they will when millions of African are still on the run to seek refuge whether in African countries or in Europe or America. The future of Africa lies in your hands, let it fall and spill, we shall have nobody to blame but ourselves.


The writer is a high school student.  He can be reached via Email: ngorjacob7@gmail.com or tell: 0925405723

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