Pen, Bible and the Gun

By:  Akol Arop Akol

A pen is so powerful that it can change thinking and actions of the citizens within a nation by documenting people’s ideas. Now it is easy to get information that was written hundred years ago.

It means that the act of writing using a pen is mightier and has great impact on people. The ‘pen is mightier than a gun’ means that the power of a pen is enormous, a pen can help you achieve what a sword cannot.

A pen is lets you speak out your mind to the society and enables you to achieve greater things in life. Today we have a big number of the population in the school, because everyone have seen the goodness of education in the society.

Mighty pen can jot down words that have ability to solve the problems more effectively than using a force. The quote also tells us the power of pen and writing, and that writers are powerful than warriors who use destructive weapons for fighting because of interests and values.

Writers know the value of education and that a pen is the best weapon that can fight illiteracy, poverty and injustices.

When human beings almost forgot the one who made them, they branched from the path they supposed to follow.

They almost failed to live their lives up to the expectation of the Sustainer. So God felt sympathetic and said He should not let his beloved creatures be destroyed by the evil. Therefore, He inspired human writers with Holy Spirit to complete the Holy Book called the Bible.

Since that time upto today, the word of God is still changing and saving lives. It is giving the words of courage that reconcile one human with another and with God.

Now Bible is being preached everywhere and people are turning back to righteous life.

And with the help of a pen, people with ideas are able to translate the books with relevant information for the generations that passed and the ones that will come.

Our societies are peaceful and successful today because of the pen which enables us to share experiences and views about life.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. And, somehow, even with all the problems we have on this planet of ours, we still believe that.

We believe that there is power of God in every person. They who have knowledge and wisdom become the liberators whom we respect, but disappointments come when those people put down pen and Bible and start ruling with guns.

We must be a society where everyone can fully live to his/her potential and if there are things to be addressed, pen should be used.  

Having these two tools pen and Bible is a blessing and power, so we must eliminate the use of gun. It doesn’t solve our problems but instead increases them.

It must also be our top goal to decrease gun violence by creating and applying rules that reduce the number and usage of guns in our communities.

For us to help reduce gun violence, we must let every child love the pen. Let them go to school to learn such as acquiring knowledge and skills that they will apply in solving their differences with ideologies instead of thinking that the gun is the solver of everything.

Let people also know that Bible is a best and positive transformative weapon to fight all works of devil. Hate, jealousy, temptations, and conflicts among people are all the products of Satan.

Therefore, to fight those, human beings especially the believer must make use of the Bible.

When Bible and pen are ignored, there will be no peace.

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