Peaceful co-existence should exist between Boma and Jonglei

There should be peaceful co-existence and togetherness in the country. I have realized that peace is more than anything for human beings in daily life.

The communities of Bor and Boma had a continuous history of conflict and disagreement over social life and political interference. Most of their common problems seem to be politically motivated though there is a serious disease affecting these two communities.

This disease is cattle raiding and child abduction. From time to time, these two communities had conflict over cattle raiding and child abduction. It has been happening even after the Signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005 and after the country got its independence.

But, during the Khartoum regime, there was no big problem like what we have witnessed now because the authorities by then were in full control of the state affairs and the civilians activities all over Sudan, and there was no influx of guns into the hands of civilians. The government of Khartoum was tough and there was joke with their rules and administrative affairs.

We did not hear that once the Boma and Bor youth fought. If it happened, it was not in a bigger-scale like the issue of cattle raiding and child-abduction today which is becoming a disease.

Between 2010 and 2011, there was a report of fighting that took place between the two states over raided cattle. Since then, the two communities tried to look for a possible solution to resolve their problems and iron out their grievances amicably, but it did not yield any good results due to continuous conflict.

Peace conferences have been conducted by the state government of the former Jonglei state and other institutions like United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Church organizations and the national government, but it failed.

As such, the continuation of conflict and violence has continued between these communities, until now. According to a report which appeared in Juba Monitor newspaper on 3rd May 2017, over 200 people were allegedly killed during the fighting. Jiji Nyatu Lopole, Boma State Coordinator said thousands of what he called “well-armed youths from Jonglei State on Sunday  crossed to Boma State and launched a serious attack in Manyibol leaving more than 200 people dead and thousands displaced.

“The 200 people killed were mainly women and children,” Lopole said.  He further pointed out that, at least 1,000 people mainly women and children are said to have been displaced and to have fled towards Lotira River in Boma State. This time around, the youths of Jonglei State claimed the conflict over Boma state, because of their raided cattle and child abduction, from the area of Wangule, Duk, Panyang,  Pagak, and Duk Padiet. They fought Boma youths because of their raided cattle and abducted children.

Well, these are the serious claims made by the Bor youths when they went to Boma. Therefore, I am kindly appealing to the youths of Boma and Jonglei State to embrace peace and togetherness to realize better understanding and cooperation. Unity and oneness is a millstone to reach the desired goal for everlasting peace.

Using war will only make the matter worse. Conflict is a destructive and dangerous element to think of. Both youths should stop taking the law into hands. They should follow a legal procedure to address issues related to their raided cattle or child abduction. What benefit can we achieve if all the time we continue killing ourselves because of cattle?

Instead of promoting peace and other developmental projects, the youth of Boma and Jonglei should not aim at negative things. They should instead promote agriculture, which will later boost our economy and generate food to our local population.

Please, Jonglei and Boma youths, distant yourself from cattle raiding, child abduction, chickens and goats issues. Leave other things for God to solve for you and show you a clear direction for a successfully life. Peace be with you!

By James Ladu Modi Asuk Gwate

The writer is a political analyst reachable via: modijamesladu@yahoo.com

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