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Peace will come through Love

By Akol Arop Akol

Peace only exists where there is no war. It means the state where people love themselves and live in harmony. It is a language that is natural to hear, learn and understand. Other things are different but peace is all the same all over the world. Achieving peace is possible through love for God, humans and all the creatures around us.

The signs are forgiveness, care, kindness and the most important quality is love. If you love yourself and others wholeheartedly without any ill hidden feelings, peace will prevail. Living in peace is all about having harmony as inward and outward process.

First of all, understand and feel peace as an inward and outward process. It starts with how you think and do things to yourself and then to others outside there. If you blame yourself and regret for coming into the world, you don’t love yourself. This will give you stress and worries.

The failure to control your feelings and emotions may breakout and affect others. You should have self-control, self-esteem, self-confidence and faith in order to overcome the fear, anger and enable you to seek for the love which is the power that can unite you with other people of all races without criticism or tribalism.

When mistakes occur, we don’t have to break apart and end up becoming enemies. In order to show that we love one another, it has to be shown in physical actions. There should not be expectation, isolation or rejection in a pure true love. When you accept your friend, or a colleague to live with you and don’t hate him or her because of the skin colour, tribe, the possessions or poor living standard, you are then a good hearted person but if you only want everyone to fill your desire and interest, you will not get such a kind till the rest of your lifetime.

In this world, righteous people do exist in every community but the evil that has erupted and still continuous to cover the face of the world with a dark blanket of immorality is destroying and confusing them. It is usual that we always run away from those who do evil deeds thinking they are spoiled and failed in life but we are wrong. See, God doesn’t run away from us despite breaking His commandments every time.

We are all the same because we featured a common original sin inherited from the first man. Therefore, the evils we do are the additions to one’s errors. We must repent and pray such that God will forgive us and this will only happen when we have love for Him and all creatures around us.

I am not a clan, you are not a tribe and these human groupings are for classification and identification such that when we interact with other societies they will know who we are and where we originated from without confusion. God brought His only beloved son into the world through humanity because He knew Earthly humans are full of hesitation, discrimination and ignorance based on races, power, wealth and tribal background. Jesus was conceived a human because He was delivered by a woman in order to be identified and classified with mankind without segregation.

We must accept our differences because we cannot be unique without a tribe, a clan or a culture. We have no choice of coming into the world or to inhabit this country. What has entered our hearts like a beast walking in a dark night has divided us. It is hatred and its medicine is the opposite love.

Humanly past laws quoted that an ‘an eye for an eye’ but in Mathew (5:38-48) Jesus says to love our enemies. The questions we shall be asking ourselves are, Should we forgive the enemies, pray for them, help them, care for them, respect them greet them and love them while in return they hate us? Indeed we must favour them. Responding negatively would damage both our lives.

Let us understand why we were created in one image. God made us different in colour, height and placed us in various habitats or locations in the parts of the world because He loves us equally and wants to see our uniqueness and attractiveness as His lovey precious creatures.

Why do we again practice hatred, envy and jealousy among us? Would anyone of us eat the same type of food, wear one cloth, walk on one road and listen to one track every day? It is impossible! Diet and rotation are there in everything a human does. That is why we are different, unique and originated from different backgrounds. We need to meet new people not only those with similar personalities but also with distinctiveness to share life with them.

Free interaction is a positive tool for unification. Let us learn and forgive what others do for us instead of judging and rejecting them because of being unlike from us. Even if our brothers and sisters turn against us with a burning detestation in their hearts, we should not revenge such that we co-exist peacefully.

Love yourself first and give it free to others. If we are not adhering God’s commandments, we should at least pick this fruit of life called love and practice it daily to set us free. When we walk to church, go to school, workplace and other public places; let us give a smile for strangers we meet. That will show acceptance, welcome and excitement to meet them. We will meet people who do wonders either right or wrong which will affect us unexpectedly but first befriend and associate with them. They are human like us. Thus, there is no reason to insult gossip or hate them for who they are, what they have or where they come from.

Let us first see, study and decide how we can befriend new people. They must be different from us in term of knowledge, beauty and ugliness, richness, popularity and so forth, but we need not to compare who is in the low or high class.

Let us not treat ourselves like animals in Jungle. Even notwithstanding of their wildness and hostile hearts, they share the same forest. They also pay respect to each and know very well the master of their Jungle with whom they don’t temper with. Can’t we apply the same system as humans with greater senses to love and respect each other as well as our masers or leaders?

How wonderful are we made? We walk, talk, think, see, feel and all in all we want to live in peace and prosperous life. Why do we really want to rob other’s lives?

It is true that conflicts and difficulties such as lack of food to eat, shelter for sleeping, dress to wear, money as for school fees and medical treatment are the most complications that made us think like dealing away with life by suicide to get rid of complicatedness.

Let us not be discouraged. Hope is the powerful thing every human must have. Despite confusion, one day we shall change and be the inspiration and admiration in the eyes of the world. By accepting, forgiving and loving ourselves as one people, we shall be stronger and live in peace and harmony forever.

Power struggle, greed for wealth through corruption, inequality and gender based discrimination must not split or turn us down after we have sacrificed lives for the country’s liberation. South Sudan is blessed to be the African newest nation in the world.

We are the gracious people gifted with precious natural resources. Our country has been a home of peace and great love for humanity in the beginning and there is a hope that transformation will take its stand. All our dreams will be fulfilled by allowing love as the link to unite us as South Sudanese.




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