Peace Tech Lab conducts training on hate speech mitigation

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Peace Tech Lab organization is conducting a research to get views with over ninety South Sudanese living in diaspora including Uganda Kampala, Washington-DC and Nairobi Kenya to discuss on how to fight and combat online and offline hate speech.

The organization is holding a two-day training in Kampala to mitigate the high level of hate speech propagated on social media by South Sudanese living in diaspora and in South Sudan.

John Jal, a staff of Peace Tech Lab said they have established Hashtags #defyhatenow to fight hate speech on social media as it was time to promote peace and harmony amongst people of South Sudan.

He said Peace Tech Lab was interested in engaging community leaders such as traditional authorities and religious leaders to make them aware about those who live in diaspora and how some of them contribute to hate speech among South Sudanese.

Peace Tech Lab conducted two day hate speech mitigation training which included Diaspora discussing hate speech issues on webinars to iron out the damage inflicted by misuse of social media in South Sudan.

Speaking to participants during the training, Mr. Ter Manyang, the Executive Director of International Youth for Africa praised Peace Tech Lab for its effort in fighting hate speech in South Sudan.

He called on political leaders to support the ongoing fight against hate speech saying it was unfortunate that some of these political leaders use hate speech to further their political objectives.


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