Peace, stability key to socio-economic recovery

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary, UNMISS, UNHCR & UNDP said peace and stability are key to the socio-economic recovery of the country after the long period of conflict.

Yesterday, Partnership for Recovery and Resilience (PFRR) organized two-day workshop aimed at reducing vulnerability and building resilience among citizens within the country.

Speaking to the media, the Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary UNMISS, UNHCR& UNDP, Alain Noudehou said the main objective was to draw the roadmap and commitment to support resilience building process among the citizens, which also helps in their recovery from trauma.

Ros Cooper, Partnership representative said in south Sudan resilience is defined as the ability of individuals, communities and households to anticipate, adapt to and recover from the effects of potentially hazardous occurrence.

According to partnership Recovery Resilience second Annual learning forum report, resilience in South Sudan is fundamentally confronted with complex socio-environmental nexus which connects social, environmental, political, governance and economic conditions.

With respect to the macroeconomic situation, the currency devaluation in December 2015 has led to high inflation and worsening exchange rate of the South Sudanese Pounds to the United States Dollars.

Inflation in South Sudan average 89 percent from 2008 to 2018 with an all-time high 549 percent in September 2016. As the situation continues to deteriorate, the depth of poverty has increased with 66 percent of the population that led two out of three persons in South Sudan living below the poverty line. 

Given the complex nature of the crisis facing the country, the organization says it requires a broad coalition of support to address not only the urgent humanitarian crisis but also to help restore  production systems and assist communities cope, recover and build their resilience to shocks and crisis .

It is in that context partnership for resilience and Recovery was put together which places community institutions at the center of the efforts to build the resilience of live hoods and production systems in the country.

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