Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

All eyes are focused towards Juba South Sudan where the peace talks between the ruling junta and the opposition is taking place which has been brokered by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. The talks which is being attended by high power delegation from IGAD and a number of heads of States from the region is an eye opener which confirm this country’s commitment to peaceful co-existence in and outside the region. It is not the time to go back in the background and historical relationship of the two countries. It is the urge that made the President of this nation led the peace talks between the warring parties that should be complemented and appreciated. It is at a time when he is equally for lasting peace in the country. The world must come to accept the role being played by the leadership of this country. For the doubting Thomases, they are keeping a watch and the famous “wait and see” attitude.  Not realizing that there should and there is going to be permanent peace in both neighbouring countries which some external forces have tried very hard to derail. Through the President their expectations have been scuttled by the peace process. For one to reach this far, there must have been consorted efforts from across the board. This is why it is being predicted that this country will soon be viewed by the world as the haven of peace. I am like living a straight and forthright life. This is why I keep on preaching to the people of this country to stand up and own and belong to their nation. One should do what one is good at and help in a small way to up-start the economic development activities which had been stagnant for a long time due to what we are soon to leave behind as past history. For the future of the youth and those yet to be born, a firm foundation should be put in place for their peaceful co-existence. I have this hunch and feeling that some changes are taking place in the minds of the majority who are supporting the peace process mission initiated by the President through various avenues including the National Dialogue. True, there is nothing better than peace even if one is sleeping without proper food. Peace is the cornerstone and foundation of a nation. One cannot argue about this and with peace all due process of development would just fall in place. We need this peace and the more reasons why each and every one should do something to have it live with us forever. The next government of national unity is soon to be formed while some politicians are having sleepless night organizing and lining up for positions, it should be the responsibility of the common-man who remained feeling the heat of the moment to work hard and hand in hand to embrace and nurture peace. Let peace live with us permanently.

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