Peace should be prioritize for the citizens

By Manut Deng Dot

Peace should be the first priority for citizens of south Sudan if development has to be achieved. There is no nation that has developed without peace. The food, road and safety of lives will become a reality when we all cuddle peace.

In real sense, peace is commonly used to mean lack of conflict, war and freedom of expression. Peace is valuable and difficult to be found, there is no money that can buy peace, it is within you at individual level to exercise it and share through love among yourselves.

The only door that blocks your resource inside is simply one called peace. I personally advice my country men and women that let us have sympathy for our mothers and children who are suffering in the PoCs without salary.

My dear citizens of this beautiful nation, without your positive influence on your politicians about peace, I believe there will be no permanent peace and if there is no permanent peace you will not enjoy your resourceful country where you contributed millions of lives to be called south Sudan today.

There is no good war or bad peace.  The only thing needed to be done is to love and care for each other’s lives and we shall build a peaceful nation.

Let us accept ourselves as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers then our God who gives us this country, bless us with our needs, I mean to accept ourselves and forgive ourselves is the most valuable benefit to our suffering country.

Diversity should be respected because it is the only way and opportunity to get in peace where by everybody feels he/she is respected in humanity. When we work to install peace in us as citizens, there is a certain quote that needs to be taken, which says, you will never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. Therefore, if we don’t listen to our hearts, we will never get the peace which we always pray for; we will never find the rewards of our prayers if we are not peacemakers.

The one nation one people we use to say is not a song but to look at ourselves as brothers and sisters as in one family. Let us not be a country full of wealth but sleep hungry always because of our wrong mindset of tribal mind which has lost for us millions of lives, displaced thousands of people and blocked our roads throughout the country.

The writer is a student at the University of Juba College of Community Studies and Rural Development department of Development Communication and Public Relations: He can be reached via email: manutdengo@gmail.com


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