The birth of National Dialogue came into being though late but at the right time. It seems to have opened doors to a number of activities. Everywhere and in every part people are singing peace which has been so elusive from the 2013 conflicts. It has lived with us since then. Nothing has gone back to normal while hunger, economic downfall and insecurity among other many occurrences. Yes people have heard enough and are yearning for peace to knock at their doors and enter without a second glance. This is the position we are getting from talking to State Communities Dialogue for Peace and Reconciliation which recently visited Wau, Yei, Imotong, Magwi and Rumbek. After talking to members of the public, they had a general consensus as to what the majority want. This was just the beginning of many visits to follow. What we are saying is that the initiation of the dialogue has created a hope and other civil societies and human rights bodies should focus their attention in bringing peace to the Nation without considering their political affiliation or status. Those suffering are the common-man Since the National When the Dialogue came into being, people appreciated its focus, but more are needed to achieve its goal, like Bishop Tombe, his group and others who have been touched by the suffering of the majority, including women and children, in the country. Even the Addis Ababa accord should embrace peace as the only foundation to the present and future generation. Everyone who love and has this country at heart must come out and preach peace and forgiveness. Effective political line can only be drawn at the ballot box not through other means and guns as it is common in this country. Remember if you take leadership with gun it will also be taken from you with gun. Let us all give peace a chance.

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