Peace, Reconciliation Radio launched in Bor

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM) have launched a new Radio in Jonglei State known as “Peace and Reconciliation Radio”.

The radio shall be administered by the Episcopal Church of South Sudan in Bor on the frequency of 91.1 FM.

Speaking to the press after the launch on Sunday, the Country Director of ALARM Rev. Peter Garang Deng said that the main reason of extending the Radio to the Church was to share the messages of peaceful coexistence among the communities of Jonglei State and its neighbours.

“There is no sustainable peace without the messages of peace being disseminated to the right people at the grassroots. This is why the ALARM in partnership with brother Mike Gwartney  and the family in United States brought this radio to Jonglei state,”  Deng said.

He reiterated the purpose of the radio was also to raise awareness among women and children with high rate of illiteracy and teach them to be creative.

Deng urged the Church to properly maintain the Radio as they try to look for funding to support its operation.

”It is the responsibility of the church to maintain the radio as we help you in training the presenters and connect you with other people who can support church radio,” Deng said.

Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) Archbishop of Jonglei internal province His Grace Ruben Akurdit Ngong Akurdit said that the Church was going to use the radio for the benefits of the grassroots people.

”It is going to be very successful. We will use it to benefit our people. We will be delivering the peace messages to the people of Greater Jonglei states wherever it reaches since it is the core motive,” said Bishop Akurdit.

According to the Bishop, peace, community development, ways of living and unity shall be the major programs for the radio.

He called on all the Christians to join hands with the Church and support the Radio in order to achieve its vision.

Atong Kuol Manyang, Jonglei state information and communication minister revealed that the Church Radio has come at the right time when everyone needs peace in the country.

”I am optimistic because peace has always been preached in the church.  These are the right people to implement the message of peace,” Ms Manyang said.

She hailed ALARM) and their partner Mike Gwartney from United States for donating the radio to the church.

Ms. Manyang said that the state government will work with the Church where necessary to make Peace and Reconciliation Radio accessible by the people at the grassroots.

Donor of the Peace and Reconciliation Radio, Mr Mike Gwartney called on the Christians to listen to the voice of the church to restore peace in the country.

”You should always listen to the radio and use the church messages to build peace with your neighbours. Let us forgive one another and love our neighbours as we love ourselves,” Mr Gwartney said.

This marked the fifth radio to be launched by the ALARM in South Sudan. In the past the Ministry had launched a similar radio in Kajo-Keji, Yei, Rumbek and Lietnhom of Gogrial respectively.

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