Peace rally to quell communal tension held

By Baraka John

A peace rally meant to quell inter-communal violence between the Azande and Balanda communities was held in Tabura County on Tuesday.

The two communities recently traded counter accusations about frequent attacks, looting and revenge killings.

William Adriano Baika, the Minister of Information and Communication Western Equatoria State said the aim of the peace rally was to defuse the ongoing tension between the two tribes in the county and prepare way for a peace conference that will bring the two conflicting tribes on board to find out the root cause of the tension.

The Minister said some community members at the rally accused senior politicians who are in the State for fueling the tension in the County. 

“The aim of the peace rally was to come here to meet with all the community, chiefs, chairladies, elders and youth representatives from the two communities, traders and Church leaders so that we talk with them the rising insecurity in Tambura County so that peace can be restored in the County, we the delegation also wants to hear from them what is happing in Tambura County, because reports of revenge killings, looting is alarming here,” Minister Baikasaid.

Mr. Baika said the two tribes are accusing each other for being behind the insecurity happening in Tambura County.

“After the return of the delegation to Yambio, we shall come up with a mechanism to organize a conference for the two conflicting communities to enable them dialogue on their grievancesto bring peace and stability in the Tambura County,”he added.

The rally was attended by the high delegation to Tambura accompanied by the national Minister of Public Service Joseph Bakosoro, Western Equatoria State Governor Alfred Futiyo,three State advisors among others.

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