PEACE – Permanent Ceasefire at risk

By Martha David

The Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanisms (CTSAMVM) has said that the permanent ceasefire and the Revitalized Peace Agreement is at risk due to the continual committing of violations from the warring parties.

Speaking During the presentation of the 17th Board meeting in Juba yesterday, the Chairman CTSAMVM, Maj. Gen. Teshome Gemechu Aderie said, that the state on the permanent ceasefire remain largely intact with no verified class between the parties’ signatory to the permanent ceasefire but with reported tension including between the SSPDF and SPLIO/IO in Wau, Tonj areas currently under investigation.

He stated that the tension between the parties is causing serious worries to the implementation of the peace agreement.

“The ongoing clashes involving the National Salvation Front (NAS) forces and the SSPDF, SPLM/IO in Equatoria and the inter-communal fighting in Jonglei and Greater Pibor region, the prevalence of the incidence is extremely worrying and placed the permanent ceasefire and the peace agreement at the serious risk,” Aderie  said

He added that the monitoring body is concerned about the continued incidents on sexual and Gender Based Violence related to the R-ARCSS and the investigation on the incident will be revealed.

  Aderei revealed that CTSAMVM is facing financial challenges but taking action by reviving political support from IGAD in order to tackle it, and also challenges posed by COVID-19 Pandemic.

However,  he stated  that despite the challenges    the monitoring body remain committed to monitor the  implementation of both pre-transitional period activities such as cantonment training and the occupation of civilian  buildings, and transitional period as well.

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