PEACE, Olony’s forces be moved out

By Elia Joseph Loful

A member of parliament urges Gen. Johnson Olony to move his forces to cantonment sites as required by the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

The forces commanded by Gen. Johnson Olony are part of SPLA-IO under Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, MP Chiok Gajang Awa applauded the leadership of the country for signing the Revitalized Peace Agreement and its smooth implementation.

Gajang requests Dr. Riek Machar to direct Johnson Olony to move the forces under his command to cantonment sites to allow residents in the area to return home.

“I am requesting Dr. Riek Machar to direct his commanders especially Gen. Olony to move his forces in Atar county to cantonment areas for integration to allow local people in Atar, Shilluk and Fanjak to go back home and resume their normal life; this need to be done in good spirit without any trouble,” Gajang said.

He said “There is no need for the army to stay in the area when there is already peace in the country.  Since the forces of Olony went to Atar area, there is no business; as peace has come, our community also needs to enjoy that peace,” he said.

MP Gajang said people were willing to go back home, however they feared citing some cases of insecurity in the area.

“The people are willing to go back to their homes, but they fear because of the insecurity. It is good for the forces to go to the cantonment sites to allow these people to do their businesses again,” Gajang stated.

Apart from the information Gajang delivered, he also appealed to foreigners working in the country to treat nationals with respect based on labor law.

He called on the citizens to acquaint themselves with the labor law so that they could be protected from exploitation by foreign employers.

He said he had witnessed in one of the occasions where a South Sudanese was provoked by a foreign employer in a hotel.

“I am appealing to the foreigners to treat South Sudanese employees because the harassment has become high in the country. And this is unacceptable by law. I have seen in one of the hotels, the boss was shouting at a local employee,’’Gajang explained.

“Our people do not know the law and they don’t read the law, they don’t know their rights. We have passed the law and I urge the Ministry of Labor to actually implement the law,” he said.

He also revealed that the committee of petroleum in the legislative assembly paid a visit to Palouch and found that there was massive environmental impact in the area adding the President earlier formed a committee to investigate the scenario but there was no responce up to now.

“We came back with the report and presented it to the parliament and the President formed the committee to look into it but up to now we have no feedback,” he said.

Gajang said it was the role of the Ministries of Petroleum, Environment and Health to monitor activities in areas of mining calling the government to investigate the companies working in the areas.

Gajang said “environment is important than oil, we need to protect it for our citizens, it can be used for agriculture”.

He said those companies involved in environmental pollution  should be terminated saying the Ministry of Petroleum should contract a company specialized in environmental issues to access the area.

“I would personally advise the Ministry of Petroleum to bring in environmentalists to come and access the area whereby they will have concrete information about the environmental effects,” he said.

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