Peace monitors in unknown location’s closed-door meeting

By Nema Juma

Following the political arena, the Reconstituted joint monitoring and Evolution commission (RJMEC) yesterday held a closed-door meeting with the parties and others through the turn up from the number of political parties was not convincing.

According to some reports, the meeting was to bring the parties together in order to iron out the issues affecting the progress of the ongoing peace but however, those who attended the meeting were mainly raising the concerns that they want peace, they don’t want to go back to war again.

“We don’t want to return to war again,” many raised their concerns

Previously, the SPLM-IO suspended the meeting with all the peace mechanisms however the chairperson for RJMEC called on the SPLM-IO to reverse the suspension of its participation in the security mechanism in order to allow redress of the matters raised.

Earlier, a turnabout emerged during the 22nd RJMEC monthly meeting when the government took ahead on the key players for having folded their hands doing nothing in ensuring that the peace agreement was completed within the specified and required time instead of continued blaming the government for their own woes.

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