Peace Monitor decries lack of food in cantonment sites

By: Martha David

The Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement, Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) has decried lack of food in some cantonment sites.

It said some of the sites have never received food, warning that lack of food and medicines could lead to failure in the process of implementing the security arrangement.

CTSAMVM said most of the cantonment sites that had earlier received food relief have since run out of food.

Maj .Gen Desta Abiche Ageno, the  Chairman of CTSAMVM said they were aware that the national pre- transitional committee has released funds to the security mechanism for implementation of their plans but it is disappointed that the process was taking long.

He was speaking during the opening remarks of the CTSAMVM 13th board meeting in Juba.

Maj. Gen. Ageno said cantonment was the foundation of all subsequent implementation activities and without these resources the process would fail.

He added that many important tasks still remain uncompleted despite some progress in the implementation of the security arrangement.

CTSAMVM called on the Joint Defense Board to address the issues.

He said CTSAMVM welcomes the provision of detailed curricula for the training of the Necessary Unified Forces, and awaits further details for the training of the VIP protection force.

Maj. Gen Ageno disclosed that more than 2,200 trainees were in Mapel, Luri, Rombur and Malakal waiting to be moved to designed locations.

He added that 19 training centers could be activated and training of NUF would begin once the necessary resources –notably food were received.

He urged all the parties to the agreement and stake holders to commit to the time table agreed on, saying it was the NPTC to ensure the process was sufficiently resourced.

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