Peace messages should be disseminated to rural women

By: Anna Nimiriano

Women in the rural areas said they are not getting peace messages due to lack of access to communication one of them said over the radio. However, it might have been true because no everybody in the rural area has radio or Television to watch. Most of the newspapers are not reaching them. Not only that majority of them cannot read and write due to many reasons that they faced in life making them not to be educated.

For them to get messages of peace, women leaders should go to them and organize rally from one place to another. For women leaders in Juba to do that security should be guaranteed to them by the concerned authorities.  Otherwise it is not easy to reach them as they expected from women leaders in Juba. Not all areas are safe in the country; some states are facing challenges of insecurity. The issue of killing is still occurring which could not encourage women to go to the rural areas and do their work effectively. We need to think of the best way of reaching women in the rural areas. It is their right to know what is going on in the country and vice versa.

People are counting days to the formation of the transitional government which some of them in the states don’t know. Peace messages are for everybody including them. To hear complaints from their representatives will give us way on how to look for their problems. Still there is enough time for women leaders in the government to visit them, for the fact that they are in the leadership positions because of them. Women should not limit their work in Juba or areas near to the city.

Those who know how to read and write can get peace messages on radio, Television and newspapers.  In the other hand, their concern was to all of us. If men are going for peace campaign in the states, they should take some women with them, to address the issues of women which are known better by them. If women are the ones talking to them, they feel comfortable. There would be transparency in discussions, especially with the matter of peace. People will talk in transparent way because they need the real peace that came through struggling from the people of South Sudan.

The other issues with women in the rural areas were languages. Several of them cannot understand even local Arabic.  If women are going to disseminate them peace messages, let them identify the language they are going to use.  Or to nominate women who can understand the language of that particular State, otherwise communication would be difficult. Let us consider women in the rural areas to be peace advocates.  

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