Peace Link Foundation reaches out to Magwi County

By: Kabaka Quintous

Peace Link Foundation, a local community-based organization has reached out to the community of Magwi for a one-day dissemination of the revitalized agreement to the locals in the County.

The residents called for the two principals to the agreement to meet the deadline of the extended one hundred days to the formation of the government of national unity.

Speaking during the event, the Chairlady of women’s association in Magwi Payam, Elizabeth Achiro Simon said the agreement should be implemented so urgently because the delay in the implementation of the revitalized agreement increases the vulnerability of women and children in the community.

“We expect the permanent peace to be done and we don’t want any extension of the days again because we the women are suffering and we are becoming vulnerable with our children in the community”, said Achiro.

Magwi County Chief Santo Jackson Sabir acknowledged the smooth progress of the agreement but fears the hold-out groups will jeopardize the agreement.

“When we look at the peace process, it is going on well but we have two other people left in the bush, that is Thomas Cirilo and Paul Malong, this is our fear. Maybe they will come and fight us”, Jackson said.

The Executive Director of Magwi County David Ocheng Otwaro doubted the signatories to the agreement in meeting the deadline of the extended one hundred days saying the political trend in South Sudan makes it difficult to believe that there will be formation of the government of national unity in February.

“The political trend in south Sudan is very complex, sometimes it is very difficult to predict that certainly there will be formation of government, so at any time situation may change”, Ocheng expressed.

“Let us be discipline enough, the core area of citizens is now when elections come, that is their typical role “, he added.

The Executive Director of Peace Link Foundation, who is also the Chairperson of civil society network in Eastern Equatoria Okullu Charles said the organization has identified most of the areas, including cantonment sites in Eastern Equatoria State to be sensitized on the revitalized agreement.

“We have done the dissemination in Achwa cantonment site, Kapoeta, Torit and telling the Chiefs that we need to gather communities like this every month”, said Okullu.

“As civil society we build the capacity of Chiefs and women so that they disseminate in their own way in villages”, he added.

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