Peace is the beauty of nation

By: Augustino Wudu Ilario

Peace is love. It is a precious commodity and a vital necessity to address the complex challenges in the country.

It is indispensable to embrace peace, as it is a concern of all South Sudanese. The Leaders should particularly be able to realize the tangible benefits of peace and endeavour to work towards realization of sustainable and peaceful Nation.

To show the world that we are peaceful nation, not only by words, but by visible actions, as peace is a source of all aspects of better life. Peace paves way to development and prosperity.

Peace and love are of the same nature, as their legacy is clearly interpreted in the Bible that love is not “greedy, not selfish, neither jealous nor animosity or bitterness.”

But rather it is unity in diversity, cohesion and peaceful coexistence. We can only be free from conflict through realization of genuine peace and love.

The powerful people may not think ill of others, even the powerful nations may not wage offensive against the weak nations. If there is true love any change in system would be conducted simply like playing of games or cards, without chaos.

Not only that, but even the Super Power Nations may not bother manufacturing new versions of heavy sophisticated and  nuclei weapons for defensive or offensive purposes.

Because weapons, unfortunately are destructive to both our human and natural environments.

It is a hope and demand that the wider picture of the nation would be a developmental competition, to boost or to raise the standard of the poor countries in the world in presence of peace and stability than to engage in wars.

The conflict has had and continued to have domestic and international impact. Among others, these are few examples:

Unintended migration

Many young people from sub Saharan Africa and other countries in the Middle East have perished in Mediterranean Sea, while struggling to cross to reach Europe aiming to seek for better life and better opportunities and peaceful settlement.

These people have not intended to risk their lives to make these tragic journeys, but they are pushed by a number of factors, in their home countries such as poor economic conditions, insecurity and limited social services.

For this reason, there is a high need for a quick solution to fix this situation to keep the young people at home, in order to invest their potential in their home land.      Therefore, my advocacy is based on the governing authorities or African leaders to have a great concern in improving the general situation of security, social economic fabric, in the continent, to leverage the future of the people, on other hand, the citizens have a role to play in mitigating bitterness and ethnic conflicts which are now going round in our communities.

Many countries in Africa had experienced norms of violence, and most of our generations come through this culture of hostilities, and uncertainty since the last decades. Most of the stories and events we witnessed taking place were violence, raids, cycle of ethnic revenge, conflicts, and bombardment. Africa and the world at large should now rather fight the war of Poverty, Illiteracy, Corruption, and disasters.

Because is a phenomena almost across the continent, it has resulted to severe poverty, corruption in fact has created a wide gap between the citizens. That is why majority are living below national poverty line.

With no access to better social services such as- health, education, the poorest are not able to send their children to school, many families often go with one meal a  day, sometimes nil.

This unbearable situation of impoverishes created a chain of vulnerability, in many of African societies, the rate of illiteracy and disability continue to climb up and up. Only a few elites, who monopolize their positions by squandering the national wealth, take the advantage to benefit themselves with their families abroad enjoying better life. These negative factors have crippled the development in the continent.

Creating a sense of anxiety and hopelessness, especially for the future of young people, as a consequence, it had compelled them to migrate to escape these risks, particularly in Sub Saharan and the horn of Africa.

The solution is to stop all forms of bad practices mentioned above, and refrain from it. Africans must learn to forgive and reconciled and make peace a popular covenant, and the young generation should inherit the culture of non-violence. Leaders must set a good example as peace-makers.

Hence, it is time for Leaders to look and think critically and adapt a new ideology of nationalism.

That will foster institutional reforms, inclusive and holistic development, which focuses on boosting the economy. And to improve the welfare and lives of grassroots citizens.

This will result in creating a peaceful and favorable environment that enables common man to exercise their rights and freedoms. And the poor and the unemployed are able to run one’s own business and be rewarded.

Also to allow women and their children to go to their fields freely and to sustain their livelihood without fear of being kidnapped or harmed.

Africa has a lot of potential South Sudanese being one of the leading in resources, but there had not been effective exploitation due to existing conflict and poor management of the leaders who wanted to enrich themselves and few elites around them.

It is stipulated in the human rights declaration that, the priority of the human rights are-Peace and development for all the citizens. But it is contrary that a lot of national income goes to individuals for luxurious assets, for example, there are many expensive cars currently in the country, but there are no good roads, schools, and medical facilities, the fact is that, the rich people had to seek for better meditation abroad where the poor cannot access.

Majority of the people in Africa are living in poor shelters, with no access to clean water, and good food, as such they are often exposed to many diseases and risks of disasters which contributed massively to high rate of disability, and mortality.

Mostly African countries expect humanitarian aid from Europe and other countries in Asia, how long shall we continue looking for assistance from Europe? Africa must come out of this trend, by stopping all forms of conflicts and all forms of corruptions, and embark on improving her economy in order to catch the international standard of living; this is a primary responsibility of the Leaders.

South Sudan particularly must transit from the culture of violence and impasse, to the State of civilization, and work jointly for comprehensive development of the Nation. Equalization of opportunities for all people is of significance, inclusion of persons with disabilities in decision making, and all sectors of development, and respecting their inherent dignity is paramount since we have been marginalized for so many decades. 

I would also like to suggest that, young people can only be encouraged to go abroad, to learn new ideas, knowledge, skills and technology and bring it to invest in their home land. Our hope is to see a better future as humans are not born to suffer, but to enjoy all fundamental Rights of- peace, stability, liberty, prosperity, and all the basic necessities. No one is left behind, according to the SDGS2030

The author is from Rejaf Educational Centre for the blind, Juba South Sudan. He can be reached via mobile number: 0924568036

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