Peace is paramount in nation building

By Andrea Akol  

During the reign of King Asa of the Kingdom of Judah, peace was enjoyed and the king came up with numerous initiatives to build the nation by advocating for peace.

The King’s son Abjiah was with him. When the King died, he was buried in the city of David. Abjiah succeeded his father as King and in those days, the country enjoyed peace for ten years. Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the lord, his God.

Well, it is important to note that war did not only begin in our country. Many wars have been fought in the world. The book of Genesis tells of many incidences of war, but the most important part is reconciliation and healing from the wraths of war.

Therefore, I am urging the war lords who did not sign the Revitalized Peace Agreement to join the process in order for peace to prevail in the Republic of South Sudan. This is the only way to preserve our unity and destiny.

Through peace, human life and destruction of property will cease. War is destructive to both human life and natural resources.

Women and children are often the victims of circumstances during conflict. The young ones are often recruited in the army and die in front lines as they try to defend national sovereignty.

So, as we are all aware that peace is the only way for nation building, then why don’t we join our hands through forgiveness and forget the past.

The Bible says there were ten years of peace during the reign of king Asa, those ten years reminded me of the ten years of peace in Sudan after the first civil war in (1972-1982) before the second civil war broke out in 1983 by the SPLM/A. In those ten years, many good things were done. Schools, hospitals and many other public amenities were opened; many children were able to attend schools.

Finally, I want to call our leaders of South Sudan to implement this peace for the sake of our people who are suffering outside and inside the country. There is a saying that “bad peace is better than good war.”

In our country, if there is law and order, it means tribal fight, cattle rustling and any other sort of civil unrest including armed struggle within or among political parties will stop.

Therefore, we all need to embrace peace by sending peace messages across the Republic of South Sudan.


The writer is reachable via mobile numbers:  0914191871 or 24191871


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