Peace is on the way

By Omuno Mogga Otto

The recent breakthrough between the two leaders of South Sudan is a good sign proving that peace will soon come to our people. The president of Sudan Omar Al Bashir did a wonderful diplomatic job when he determinedly requested the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to endorse his effort to initiate face-to-face talks between Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The face-to-face meeting had indeed ended successfully in Khartoum. The next meeting between the two leaders will take place in Kenya and finally in Ethiopia. President Bashir has realized and believed that the problem facing South Sudan will economically affect his country too, and that is why he probably feels that peace and stability in his neighborly state is good for trade relations between the two countries.

The problem of South is well known. It is a problem that is fully connected with the policies that divide the people on the basis of tribalism. One of the South Sudanese intellectuals said though the struggle for peace is showing colorful and significant steps, the obstacle being made by very few people who are happy when war continues is something that needs to be addressed and contained with good political wisdom. He also said after the deal is signed, the Sudan People’s Libration Movement (SPLM) should immediately implement the Arusha Agreement. The Arusha Agreement has called for reunification of the SPLM. But the process of reunifying the ruling party will not succeed very well if the country does not achieve peace and stability. He advised that the best solution is change in leadership of the ruling party. If the ruling party sign peace and unity of the party exist without democratic change within the party itself, I am sure the SPLM will lose its popularity in the political field. The effort done by Bashir is good news to the people of South Sudan.

The people of South Sudan have appreciated and accepted the initiative done by the Sudanese leader. What Bashir did is a great significant progress indicating that peace is near to come back to our people who have been suffering from war and economic crisis. The people of South Sudan have been calling for peace. Women, religious leaders, civil societies, academicians, opposition’s parties and the general masses have all been campaigning for peace. With the positive step seen in the recent discussion between the warring rivals, I know peace is going to come and the economy of the country is going to improve.  The mission of few elite who are still trying to block success and stability in the country will fail simply because peace is what the majority of the people are yearning for. President Bahsir should accompany the two leaders in the next two meetings in Kenya and Ethiopia. Lead us prepare for peace with one heart and open a new chapter of reconciliation.

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